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Questions regarding business dealings

Q1. Can I ask for samples?
A1. Yes, you can.

If you send us a sample item for coating, we will make a prototype in the color you want. There is a basic sample processing fee, however "Pre-ordering samples" etc., will be provided free of charge. Please feel free to inquire.

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Q2. How long before I receive the sample?
A2. It takes 1-2 weeks.

Depending on the color, shape, quantity, etc., you will receive your sample about 1 ~ 2 weeks after we receive your item.

Q3. How can I request an estimate?
A3. Please contact us by e-mail for this information.
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Q4. How are prices calculated?
A4. We calculate prices by batch production.

As we have a batch production system for equipment, the quantity we can coat at one time (one batch) is fixed. Essentially, the calculation is: the cost of processing one batch / divided by the quantity = unit price. If you would like a detailed estimate, please feel free to contact us.

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Q5. What kind of payment (transaction) methods can I use?
A5. Please contact us by e-mail for this information.

Question about Ion Plating

Q6. What size of products can be ion plated?
A6. We can do small sizes starting from Φ2 mm, to large sizes of 200 mm x 1000 mm.

Although it may depend on the shape, material, weight, color, etc. of the item, as long as it can be held by a jig in the ion plating equipment, it should be acceptable within the above criteria (up to 1700 mm in the case of gold or brown.) Please contact us even regarding items that are difficult to hold, as we have extensive experience in jig production.

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Q7. What kind of material can be ion plated?
A7. Ion Plating can be done on metal, plastic, ceramic, glass, wood, fiber, paper etc.

As a pioneer in the field of low temperature Ion Plating, we have a wealth of experience in coating plastics etc. In comparison to wet plating, a feature of the low temperature process is high resistance to scratches and abrasions.

For what kind of items can be processed please refer to "Processing Examples."
Q8. Ion Plating can be done in what colors?
A8 Ion Plating can be done in gold, brown, silver, gray, black.

We can also do "Blue" which has a wide color zone among oxide films, and "Rainbow" etc. making use of gradation. Also, the body films for gold, brown, silver, gray, black can be adjusted for density.

For color tones please refer to "Processing Examples"
Q9. What materials can be used as a target (plate-shaped metal for film deposition)?
A9. Film deposition can be done with titanium, chromium, copper, aluminum, alloy, etc.

Basically, any conductive solid can be used as a target. However, because of the high temperatures used during coating, materials with a low melting point cannot be used.