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Message from the President

Takahiro Shimouchi

President and CEO of NCC Co., Ltd.

We aim to "Grow with our Clients"

People often tell me, “How brave you were to start your own business when you were in your 50’s!” When I was working as a manager in the ion plating division of my former company, I was suddenly told that my division would be closed down, as the business relationship between the company and the main client, an eye-glass frame manufacturer, had become poor. I had noticed that it was becoming more difficult to compete in the eye-glass industry, but our development of ion plating for other industries was just starting to improve and I felt quite puzzled at the sudden change.

As a matter of fact, when I was division manager at the company, the expansion of ion plating to other industries originated from a subsidy program of MITI. At that time, ion plating could only be done in gold coloring, but for eye-glasses, many colors such as gray and brown etc. were needed, so we experimented repeatedly on weekends and holidays, until finally we were able to write and publish a paper on color film. It was unthinkable that we could lose the technology we had worked so hard to develop.

Also, I thought deeply about industries other than the eye-glass industry and "how we could add value to our client's business." Clients who supported our business innovation told us "By all means try to continue with your project", so I decided to establish my own company.

Establishing a company was not easy, it required financing for factories, facilities etc., which we received from start-up support systems from Fukui Prefecture and loans from financial institutions. I invited colleagues who had strived together in the ion plating division of my former company to come work at this new company, and now we have developed to the point where we can entrust the ion plating processing to in-house engineers.

Keeping in mind our original goal of "Enriching Our Client's Business", we have the motto "Grow with Our Clients" to express our desire to pursue new dreams along with our clients who are also interested in technology and business.

Career History

1950 Born in Maizuru, Kyoto
Attended elementary school in Kyoto. Moved in with my maternal grandparents and lived separate from my family to attend junior high school in Ota, Fukui.
1969 Graduated from Takefu High School in Fukui
1974 Graduated from Faculty of Engineering, University of Fukui
Although hoping to study aeronautical engineering, this plan was unsuccessful, and instead I pursued chemistry.
1974 Joined an electrochemical company in Osaka as research staff, later I was put in charge of R&D at plants in Fukui.
Researching electric insulation material, my first job was to create a high heat-resistant insulating board for power vehicle transformers for the Joetsu Shinkansen, so I was always at the Japanese National Railways factory.
1982 Moved to a major eye-glass company in Sabae, Fukui, took over as a director, and was involved in the establishment of a research institute.
For eye-glasses made of metal, conducted research on resins and on creating color metals by incorporating chemical elements.
1988 Research on titanium frame surface finishing led to the ion plating project and taking over as the department manager.
Foreseeing the limits of the eye-glass industry, I gradually tried to develop ion plating for use in other industries.
2004 As industries other than eye-glass manufacture accounted for 85% business, the company decided to close the department, judging that eye-glass manufacturing was not an industry in which to continue large investments.
2005 Established NCC Co., Ltd. as a successor for ion plating manufacturing.

Company Profile

Company Name NCC Co., Ltd.
Address 2-97 Yoshitani-cho, Sabae City,
Fukui, 916-1105, Japan-97
Contact information TEL +81-778-52-9077
FAX +81-778-52-9078
Our Business Ion Plating Processing
High Quality Ornamental Resin Processing
Manufacture / Sales of Ion Plating Equipment
Established February 2nd, 2005
Capital 15 million yen
Representative Takahiro Shimouchi
President and CEO
Cooperating Financial Institutions FUKUI SHINKIN BANK

Company History

February 2005 Establishment of NCC Co., Ltd.
August 2014 Start processing car emblems
December 2014 Factory expansion
February 2015 Installation of some of the largest ion plating equipment in Japan