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IP Equipment Manufacturing and Sales Division

Division Summary

1. Processing Expertise in Equipment Development and Manufacture

We provide equipment that reflects the expertise in Ion Plating processing technology that we have accumulated over many years.

2. From Lab-use / Low Capacity Machines, to High Capacity Machines

Taking into account the needs of our clients, we consult together and come up with plans for "custom-made systems." We are able to fulfill all kinds of requests, from small sized machines for experimental-use, to large scale machines for mass production.

3. Full Support, from Delivery to Start-up

With our abundance of experience in ion plating, we make sure we support our clients at every stage from delivery to manufacturing start-up.

We are happy to discuss any matter; from vacuum deposition to ion plating, sputtering equipment etc. Please feel free to contact us.

Ion Plating Equipment

HSM800-H6 (φ800mm)

Outer view

HSM1300-H20 (φ1300mm)

Outer view

HSM1600-H42 (φ1600mm)

Outer view
UBM sputtering cathode
Vacuum pump
Vacuum pump
Control panel
Target (surface of cathode discharge, as seen from the inner wall)
Arc ion plating discharge (gold color processing)
UBM sputtering discharge (black color processing)