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Art Resin Division

Division Summary

1. Artificial Cloisonné Enamel Finishing

A process done by hand for many years to decorate eye-glasses and accessories, this technology has evolved according to the needs of the times. We are able to supply many kinds of resin such as transparent resin for Jewel Style Finishing and Stained-Glass Style Finishing, and opaque resin for Natural Stone Style Finishing.

2. Special Polished Coatings by Originally Modified Techniques

Our company's original resin, born from a blend-modified technique, is called "Grinding Finish Cloisonné Enamel", it has attracted much attention since it was released due to its unique properties which are very different from comparable products. This resin is highly adhesive and very bright, and its brightness increases with polishing. Furthermore, it is extremely hard while maintaining supple flexibility, two qualities that seem impossible to go together. Another characteristic of the resin is that it is easy to dye, making it possible to have all kinds of pattern and designs in the finished product.

3. Highly Adhesive, Thin-film Flat Coating

Processing to partially apply solvent-diluted paint (usually linearly) is called FC Process and is widely practiced as a base technology for partial coloring. Our company refines this paint with an original ultra-high-molecular resin to realize adhesiveness far beyond conventional film coatings, which considerably reduces the risk of peeling after processing.

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