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PVD Division

Division Summary

We manufacture thin-film coatings by commission using Ion Plating and Sputtering.

By bonding with reactive gases such as nitrogen and acetylene in a vacuum environment, a ceramic thin-film can be applied, which is more abrasion resistant than wet plating and effectively improves the longevity of the target item. Able to produce colorings such as gold, brown, gray, black, blue etc., this process is highly decorative. Various kinds of products can be processed, including those made of metal, plastic, ceramic, glass, wood, fiber, paper etc.

We accept small volume orders such as trial production, as well as large, mass production orders. Please feel free to contact us.

*PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) is a deposition method in which a thin-film of a target material is made into a vapor state in order to deposit it onto the surface another material.


Jig Hooking

The item is set into a special jig.

Placed in a Vacuum

The items set into the jig are placed with it into the vacuum apparatus.

Door Closing

The door of the vacuum apparatus is tightly closed.


Venting is done by multiple vacuum pumps.

Condition Settings

The condition setting for the process are set in the control panel.


Black coating is done by UBM sputtering.


From inside a non-reflective booth, a full inspection is done visually.